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Incorporation Service


VAT Registration


Company Name Change


Registered Office Address


People Significant Control (PSC)


Assistant for Bank Application


Confirmation Statement


Annual Return Submit


Accounting and Waive for Audit


Change of Shareholder


Share Allotment


Change of Director


Change the Particulars of Director


Taxation Services


Auditing Arrangement


Company Dissolution


Confirmation Statement (also as known as Annual Return)

The form name of "Annual Return" is now changed to "Confirmation Statement" from year 2018.








The review service for the past of one year

Client should provide any share transfer documents when any change of shares

Prepare the Confirmation Statement to client to sign

The Audit Report will be attached when the Company complete Audit

(note 4)


The Financial Statement (non-Audit Report) prepare by Client to Submit

(note 4)


The Financial Statement (non-Audit Report) prepare by us and submit


(note 3)


The Financial Statement is only for Companies House to submit as the supporting documents of Confirmation Statement purpose only, it is not suitable and including for HMRC Accounting and Company Taxation submission purpose.

Check the following item(s) is/are update:



Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)


Change of Capital


Share Transfer


Waive for Register of PSC


Shareholder info


Check any Statutory Documents for that need to re-confirm before the Confirmation Statement submit


According the Ordinance request, every Company should submit the Confirmation Statement, otherwise the Director(s) will be prosecuted, the maximum penalty is £5,000 and will be faced to Struck Off of the Company.


To avoid the misunderstanding of each other, we will send the renewal invoice to your Company before 15 - 30 days the yearly confirmation date.  We will make the submission after collect the payment.  If you cannot be settle before the due date, you need to take the legal consequences.


If your Company still did not submit any Confirmation Statement before and you would like to appoint us to make submission, we will collect the following Government Late Filing Fee for and on behalf of the Companies House:

Late submit not over 1 month

£ 150 (Government Fee, No VAT Required)

Late submit between 1 month and 3 months

£ 375 (Government Fee, No VAT Required)

Late submit between 3 months and 6 months

£ 750 (Government Fee, No VAT Required)

Late submit more than 6 months

£ 1,500 (Government Fee, No VAT Required)

We will also collect £ 50 (excluding VAT) for the service charge.





Confirmation Statement Filing Service

£ 33 / Times

£ 300 / Times



The Currency is GBP, the applicant also need to pay VAT £ 4.00 / £ 57.40.


Applicant should provide the following Personal Proof:


The Passport and Personal Identity:


Valid UK Passport (GBR) or


Valid UK Passport (GBD / GBO / GBN / GBS / GBP) and Local Identity Card or


Valid HKSAR / MSAR Passport and HKID / Macau ID Card or


Local Passport, Local Identity Card and English Translation Documents


Valid address proof:


English Address Proof or


Local language with English Translation and verify by Local Lawyer, Accountants or Notary Public


The client should make request before 30 days of the Confirmation Date, those documents can delivery to Great Portland Street Branch / Tsuen Wan Branch / Tsim Sha Tsui Branch / Grande Praia Branch for us to prepare and submission.  The payment in Hong Kong Dollars for Tsuen Wan Branch / Tsim Sha Tsui Branch / Grande Praia Branch.


The client should make request before 5 days of the Confirmation Date, otherwise we cannot be submission the documents on times.


The service fee is including the Government Filing Fee £ 13.  If you have any outstanding fee for the previous Confirmation Statement, we can make late submission for the client and collect the related service fee.  If the client refuse to pay the outstanding fee, we reserve the rights to suspense the submission and reserve the rights for no any refund or termination status for no further notice although we collect all service fee.


The client should provide and disclose all Companies House, HMRC, Company Internal Documents, Company Internal Minutes, any Registers, and Accounting Record for us to make scan.  If the client cannot provide those documents, we reserved the rights to collect £ 20 (plus VAT £ 4) for search purpose.


Applicant should complete the "Client Due Diligence" documents and our group  will appoint the third party system to verify the "Client Due Diligence" to  complete the law requirement.


If you are classified by us as the "Political Figure" or "High Risk Person", we will make termination and refund to you.


The "Day" means "Working Day" and start from the next working day of Applicant Day, it is not including Saturday, Sunday, England Public Holidays and Bad Weather Working Suspension Day issue by England Government.  All working hour does not including the Transportation of Documents.  All of the Documents should use Courier to delivery.  For the Registered Mail will be delivery to outside of United Kingdom.


Applicant should use Bank Transfer / Credit Card / International Money Transfer to settle our invoice.  The Hong Kong and Macau Branch of our Group will not be collect any fee.


The fee is for Company Incorporation in England only, the applicant recommend to apply the VAT Registration and People with Significant Control (PSC).


Our Group will not accept the following Individual or Company from listed Country to use the service: Cuba / Iran / Syria / North Korea / Northern Sudan / Crimea Region / Myanmar / Zimbabwe / Belarus / Russia / Ukraine.


Our Company only prepare, submit the documents that those information provided by applicant and collect the filed documents.  If the application is rejected by government, we will no any responsibility to make refund or compensation.


This page is for the market in England and Wales only, we reserved the rights to make amendment and without any notify in advance.


The fee schedule start from 1 August 2020, there will not be notified when any changes.


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