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Compliance and Due Diligence



Why do we need to conduct relevant investigations and services?

The "Know Your Customer" and "Customer Due Diligence" global compliance standards currently apply not only to new customers, but also to ongoing customers.  The Company's compliance responsibilities include management data collection, proper analysis, and updating the ongoing due diligence risk score.

As a comprehensive Business Center Service Provider, facing the challenge of meeting the ever-changing regulatory environment today, the Company complies with the regulations established by the United Kingdom FCO and will regularly obtain the latest information from you, including business information, company registration information, and the information obtained from the third-party business investigation agency commissioned by the company is compared to meet the minimum inspection limit required by the current regulations.

All the obtained information is only for use by the Company, and relevant disclosure will be made by any authorized law enforcement personnel within the United Kingdom.

Hedi Lee Enterprise Group is very concerned about the identity of the customer and whether it is the ultimate beneficiary.  Due to the current emergence of financial crime methods, as a responsible service provider, the Company will strengthen its management and supervision to avoid such as financial fraud and financial crime.  As these usually involve obtaining money or property illegally, and/or obtaining benefits from it through deception or illegal means.  In today’s complex global economic environment, financial crimes take many forms, such as money laundering, sanctions violations, fraud, tax evasion, terrorist financing, bribery, and corruption.



The Ultimate Beneficiary belongs to the Holding Company.  Do I still need to disclose Owner?

Under the laws of the United Kingdom currently, the Company only needs you to provide information on the beneficial owners of current shareholders who hold 25% or more of the shares.  However, since the UK is still a member of the European Union, and in accordance with the provisions of EU law 2006/70/EC, the company still needs to make relevant records in order to exchange information with other economic and administrative regional entities.

In addition, for 9 types of companies proposed by various countries, namely banking, insurance (including insurance agents), shipping, fund management, financing and leasing, headquarters business, distribution and service centers, holding companies and intellectual property, all with additional controls, customers need to make further customer due diligence before they can continue their services in the next year.



How to face Financial Sanctions?

Financial Sanctions are a policy tool used by National Governments and Organisation gencies such as the United Nations and the European Union to limit or prevent potential security threats, or to require countries to implement concerted actions to comply with recognized international standards.  Financial Sanctions help to stop crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking, and arms trading by restricting banks from doing business with specific individuals, companies, countries, or regions that have been placed on the Treasury’s Office of Overseas Assets Control (OFAC) of United States of America and other sanctions lists of activity.

The Company will compare the information obtained through the entrusted third-party business investigation agency in order to check whether you are financially sanctioned.



Why do customers need to pay attention to any Financial Crimes?

As global connections are getting closer, a large amount of information is transmitted in near real time, allowing business center service operators to provide customers with convenient services, but the opportunities for criminals to abuse the financial system have also increased, and fraud and financial crimes have also become It is more complicated and organized, so it is our responsibility to be alert and take active measures to protect customers.

The Company will compare the information obtained through the entrusted third-party business investigation agency in order to check whether you are financially sanctioned.



Why did Hedi Lee Enterprise Group suddenly need to request additional information?

As a responsible Business Center Service Provider, ensuring that customer data is up to date is the key to providing safer corporate support services.  We sincerely thank you for your support and assistance, so that we can protect you and other customers from the increasing risks of fraud and financial crime.



How can collecting personal data protect customers?

As more and more customers live, travel and/or conduct business around the world, we will strive to take measures to cooperate with and strengthen customer protection.  By verifying your personal data and ensuring that the company keeps up-to-date customer data records, you can reduce the risk of others embezzling your services.



Isn't Hedi Lee Enterprise Group's personal data of existing customers?

In order to ensure that the customer's information is complete and correct, we will regularly review the customer's personal data, which may collect information that the customer has not provided or does not need to provide in the past.



How will Hedi Lee Enterprise Group handle the collected customer information?

Our purpose in collecting customer information is to help us protect our customers and business center businesses from financial crimes.  We attach great importance to protecting customer personal data, so all information you provide will be handled in strict accordance with the high standards of data security and confidentiality.



What actions do customers need to take?

We are reviewing all accounts. If you need to confirm, update or provide other information, we will notify you.


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