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About Hedi Lee Services UK Limited

Hedi Lee Enterprises Group is established in Macau on 2003 and the Business Centre Chain in Hong Kong and Macau.  The objective of the Group is "New Anglo with Attitude Professional" for the Corporate client service.

The Hedi Lee Services UK Limited is established the Headquarter in London, England, the main business is providing the Company Incorporation and Following-up Service for Ethnic Chinese in England and Wales.



Professional Attitude

We provide the high quality of Enterprise Support, such as high quality of Registered Office Address, Responsible Company Secretary, Accounting and Taxation Professionals to follow-up your case.  Moreover, our service fee is affordable level, to support the new Entrepreneur or growthing SME, including Office, Secretary and Enterprises support.

Moreover, our Accounting and Taxation Professionals have full related experience, and well known the Legal, Accounting and Taxation skill in England and Wales, to provide the tax saving with low cost.



Quality Certification

We won the award of "Customer's Most Favorable Hong Kong Brands 2017" by China Enterprise Reputation and Credibility Association (Overseas) Limited when they are the independent third party certified and guarantee the Professional Service of Hedi Lee Enterprises Group.

Our group will still keep continue to innovate the service, and provide the best service experience to our client.



Business Concept


This is only one POINT that why the client select us:

We provide the High Quality of SME Support, such as the High Performance of Virtual office, Good Communicate of Phone Secretary, Reliable of Corporate Email Hosting, and Affordable Pricing.  The Start-up Entrepreneur do not invest the additional fund for operation and just use our service to save cost, because our service attitude from heart for you.



The Professional Team setup by the Professional Accounting and Legal Officer



The client success of Start-up is our aims



The Start-up and Operating experience shared by us



The Government and the Company had the good network with the Client



The Company had been developed the own-build infrastructure for business analysis


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Company Number: 12775902

Incorporation in the England of United Kingdom with Limited Liabilities

Registered Office: 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, England

"Hedi Lee Enterprises Group" is the Service Mark and holded by Hedi Lee Services UK Limited