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Taxation Services


The following service is operating the Professional Taxation Consultants by Cantonese or Mandarin, the fee schedule here:







Company Registration, VAT Registration, Shareholder or Director Consultant, Confirmation Statement Consultant

£ 100 / Hour

Share Transfer Consultant, Share Allotment Consultant, Change of Director or Change of Director Particular Consultant

£ 100 / Hour

Accounting Consultant

£ 80 / Hour

Personal Taxation Consultant

£ 150 / Hour

Company Taxation Consultant

£ 250 / Hour


The fee do not contain any free section, there is no any refund policy when collect the fee.

The consultant fee cannot be transfer to any spending credit or service credit.

You are only to use PayPal to settle the Consultancy Fee.




If you are the low-income person (means the income lower than £ 380 pw), and the HMRC cannot be assist you, you can enjoy the Personal Taxation Consultant for free volunteer help service for half hour per year, to assist you to complete the Tax Return Form and know your outstanding tax payment to HMRC.

Note: The service is only for advanced appointment.  If you are the existing client, or Hong Kong or Macau current client, the priority booking will be applied, and service is only operating by Phone only, you are also required to provide the following supporting documents: (Service is only in Cantonese)

  • Show your name of Self Assessment Tax Return or

  • Company Tax Return or

  • Show your name of Council Tax Bill or

  • Show your name of TV Licensing Bill or

  • Show your name of Utility Bill or

  • Your UK Passport and

  • National Insurance License and

  • Proof of your low-income (you need to provide the income proof for 12 months to show your income is lower than £ 380 pw)

The low-income support service are not including the following status:

  • That person living in Scotland or Northern Ireland

  • That person working or business in Scotland or Northern Ireland

  • Fill-in the Tax Return Form directly (note: this is paid service)

  • That person do not have any Government Gateway Account

  • Provide any Legal Advice

Your personal information will be recorded although your query is solved or not, the annual quota will count as used status when you are using this free volunteer service.

If you are just arrive England and Wales, when you cannot provide the above supporting documents, and classified as the low-income person by self believe, you can call us for free or discount service, we reserved the rights to approve the request.

If our Company cannot assist the volunteer case, you need to consult with Tax Aid at 0345 120 3779 (in English) for further assistant.



The Currency is GBP, the applicant also need to pay VAT.


There are no free time zone for the consultant service, there are no any refund policy.


The consulting fee cannot transfer to any spending credit or service credit.


Please use PayPal to make settle the consulting fee.  The Hong Kong and Macau Office will not collect the fee for us.


Our Group will not accept the following Individual or Company from listed Country to use the service: Cuba / Iran / Syria / North Korea / Northern Sudan / Crimea Region / Myanmar / Zimbabwe / Belarus / Russia / Ukraine.


This page is for the market in England and Wales only, we reserved the rights to make amendment and without any notify in advance.


The fee schedule start from 1 August 2020, there will not be notified when any changes.


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